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Sirocco Fires at the BIBA Awards

Updated: Mar 27

Sirocco Fires are a 30 year old family owned manufacturer of Gas Fires and Fireplaces, with an impressive array of products, each designed, developed and produced in house.

In 2018, the new and ambitious MD took the helm of the company with an intention to scale up the business. This is where the partnership with Everpro started, and it continues today.

Following a review of the product offering, we were able to channel products down separate routes to market, without disrupting or interfering with separate market sectors.

This paved the way for a new era. A B2C ecommerce site was launch and performed well. A contract with Homebase was awarded. Recruitment for a sales force began.

Ready and armed to take on the world with our formidable newly found potential and full of enthusiasm, we were then served a double dose of Covid-19 and Brexit.

The company navigated through the storms, continuing to develop the product range and workforce, despite the fierce head winds that the world had served up. During the lockdowns operating systems were changed, a brochure was launched, digital marketing campaigns were established and a new Head of Sales has appointed.

Sirocco have emerged from the global pandemic stronger and more ambitious than ever. In September 2021, the company was recognised as a finalist of the BIBA awards, thanks to a clear strategic direction, past results and the passion of the team.

Following a reshoring of their factory and centralisation of their distribution centre and offices, you'll see a brand new range of products being launched throughout 2022.

Onwards and upwards...

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