• Jonathan Bradley

7 Wonders of the Digital Marketing World

Do you trust Digital Marketers?

Digital Marketers said to be amongst the least trusted agencies out there.

You can see why.

Promoting your products and services online is necessary for most. But it remains a complex and often confusing world.

You need it, but you don’t understand it. This is a playground for the opportunistic leeches to suck on your blood for a while, before you notice what is happening.

Here’s a quick run-down of the 7 main pillars of digital marketing. It should help you get ahead. And help you steer clear of the bloodsuckers!


If it sounds obvious, that’s because it is. Having a website can be one of the most effective ways of engaging you prospects and customers. Having a poorly functioning or badly designed website can also do more harm than having no presence at all.


Email campaigns are not for everyone. But if you have an extensive list of contacts, who have the potential to buy your products or services, you are sat on a potential goldmine. A direct connection with your target buyer is something that should be used wisely.


Anyone can look you up, anytime from anywhere. And they will. If they can't find you or they don't like what they see, chances are they'll choose a competitor. Reviews are a great way of showing your prospects that you're there and you care. Google also favours companies with a good review footprint.


If you have something worthy of talking about, well, talk about it. Social sites can build huge audiences and you may get a viral post. Both of these outcomes are rare. But if you want to appear when someone looks you and your stuff up, make sure to have a social footprint. Another plus for Googles search engines too.


This is the quickest way to transfer the content of your bank balance to Google or Meta. However, it can also be very powerful. When your customer is searching for a particular product or service, we have the moment of intent. Arguably the best time for you to show up. Well managed digital ads will achieve this for you.


If you don't like the idea of giving all your money to Google or Meta, and you want to give it all to a Digital Marketing Agency - choose SEO Management! Done well this will make you more visible for 'free'. Be careful, the benefits of SEO belong to the minority.


The 6 points above help your products, services and brands become more visible and credible. But you still need to promote your company. The Yellow pages book was a listing directory. Now you can (and should) list your business on as many online directories as possible. This will mean you are visible at the moment of intent!

Marketing your business digitally is all about making your business visible and credible online.

We believe that your digital marketing should also be visible and credible, and online.

Everpro's all in one digital marketing solution, allows our customers to enjoy full transparency of digital activity, with a choice of internal or outsourced management of services.

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